Happy Holidays!


As you have most likely realized, businesses like Allure have had to do a 360 during this past year. In addition to what you know about our business, we have reinvented the way we do beauty with a new company called THE BEAUTY CLOUD. 

This innovative way to send gifts and do your own beauty services at home has helped lift my company with a sense of purpose and more importantly keep my small and mighty team employed for the entire time during this pandemic. Like the way a lone green sprout shows up after a devastating storm, THE BEAUTY CLOUD came from the sense of loss our industry faced when we had to shut down our operations in March.


It is a handmade box of skin care products developed by Julie to create an at home facial. Sure, there are a lot of boxes out there, but ours is different. The box includes a card with step-by-step instructions to perform your own facial in the comfort of your own home. We include some fun goodies SOURCED LOCALLY such as chocolates, candles, body loofahs and creams.
Many people have asked me how they can help small businesses like mine. The best way to help is to buy a box or a few for gifts this year. My goal is to sell 100 boxes this week so if you know someone who would love a box, please consider sending them one. We can ship it directly to them in one day and they can get it in time for Christmas.


Our special Holiday box - Shiny & Bright - is the perfect gift (check it out here). Don't worry though - we've got the guys covered as well. Our Gentlemen's Grooming Kit is the perfect gift for the men in your life who are looking for a deep clean and something a little more luxe than the drugstore all-in-one cleansers they're used to.


Please tell all your friends, this is my new dream for a new way to think about beauty at Allure. We have always been here for your brick and mortar experiences and now we are here for you in the comfort of your home.


Happiest of Holidays and Thank You for your business.

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