What Is Maskne and How Can I Treat It?

Maskne - two years ago if someone said that word to you, you would have thought they were speaking another language or trying to sneak some hip Internet lingo into your conversation. But now, in February 2021, it’s just another word we hear in daily conversation. 

So what is maskne and what causes it?

What Is Maskne?

Simply put, maskne - or mask acne - is problematic skin that’s caused by wearing a mask.

While it most commonly refers to the breakouts many people are experiencing on their cheeks and chin, it doesn’t only apply to pimples and acne. It can also be blackheads, redness, dry skin, bumps, and irritation - all caused by - or exacerbated by - wearing masks. What makes maskne different from regular acne or other skin problems is that the common denominator is the fact that the individual is regularly and routinely wearing a mask.

The Beauty Cloud Maskne

What Causes Maskne?

It isn’t just the act of wearing a mask that does it though - if that were the case we’d all be covered head to toe in acne just from wearing clothes. And Halloween would be a disaster for everyone! But the skin on our face is sensitive, and the entire point of masks is that they aren’t breathable - we’re trying to keep our germs to ourselves and others germs away - so we’re breathing in the same recycled air for hours. The heat and the moisture - along with the fabric rubbing against our skin - creates the perfect breeding ground for blackheads and the bacteria that causes acne.

How Can I Treat Maskne?

Even though masks aren’t going away anytime soon (unfortunately!) that doesn’t mean you can’t minimize the irritation. For starters, make sure you aren’t overdoing it in your attempts to treat your problem skin. If you’re trying to combat breakouts with harsh cleansers, strong chemical spot treatments, and rough exfoliators you could potentially do more harm than good. The first thing you need to do is change your mask every 3-4 hours. Treat your skin with care and be certain to cleanse your skin at the end of every day. Be sure to use moisturizers and products that have soothing qualities, rather than ones that are going to be stripping your skin of the nutrients that it needs. If you are exercising with a mask, clean your skin after the workout and put on a fresh mask!

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