Why Do I Need a Beauty Cloud Subscription?

One of the most common misconceptions about spa treatments is that they’re strictly a luxury - a treat for “sometimes” rather than a necessary part of your skincare routine. And yes, I fully acknowledge that during these “interesting” times we’ve found ourselves in (lookin’ at you COVID!) we’ve all had to make adjustments to our various self-care services and treatments. An entire day at the spa might be something that isn’t feasible right now - either financially or because it’s simply not allowed at the moment.

The Beauty Cloud Memberships

But skincare - including facials and treatments - aren’t just a luxury. Taking proper care of your skin with facials and treatments should be just as much a part of your routine as washing your face and using moisturizer. Consider, for a moment, your dental hygiene. Even though you brush your teeth every day, you get a deeper clean with flossing and go to the dentist twice per year to keep those pearly whites in their best shape. Facials provide the same type of deep cleansing and care that your dentist provides your teeth, but since your skin is so delicate it needs TLC on a more frequent basis.

But I know how hectic life is - especially during these times. Our daily activities have been compounded by having to work from home and deal with remote learning. Remembering to log on and purchase your at-home facials every couple of months is something that’s easy to put off or simply forget. And that’s why we’re launching our set-it-and-forget-it memberships/subscriptions…. And we’re throwing in some fantastic goodies.

To start, we’re offering two membership levels - Quarterly or Annual. These memberships each provide you with the same number of boxes per year -- five total -- but offer different benefits.

The Beauty Cloud™ Quarterly Membership ($99/quarter)

  • 1 beauty box per quarter PLUS 1 free bonus box & free shipping
  • Free 30 minute virtual Beauty Trainer appointment with each box
  • 30% OFF The Beauty Cloud™ product line
  • Free product set ($60 value)
  • Free samples included in your quarterly boxes
  • Subscription to our VIP email list for exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year

The Beauty Cloud Join Now Quarterly

The Beauty Cloud™ Annual Membership ($349/year)

  • Everything included in the Quarterly membership PLUS
  • $200 worth of FREE products 

Once you’ve selected your membership, you’ll receive your first box right away! From there you’ll receive one of our seasonal beauty boxes every quarter, filled with everything you need to complete a luxurious, effective at-home facial. Of course, if you feel the need to up your skincare ante you can always purchase one of our other beauty boxes at any time.