Have you wondered why you have a bathroom

full of products you don't use?

Maybe they are not the correct products for your skin type. Maybe you don’t use the products correctly. Do you need a Beauty trainer to keep you accountable to a great skincare routine so you can achieve your goals? Book a virtual appointment in the comfort of your home so our Beauty Trainers can help you select the RIGHT products for you and your lifestyle!

About our Master


Julie Wynn was Originally from the northern Chicago suburbs, Julie spent 30 years in California, where health and wellness are a staple of everyday life. 

Her personal interest in skincare drove her to become a licensed esthetician at the age of 50, allowing her to pursue her passion for helping others look and feel their very best.

Julie earned the rank of Master Esthetician in 2019 as a result of her hard work and dedication to Esthetics. Her unique ability to connect with her clients allows her to develop personalized treatment plans, complete with comprehensive skincare goals and effective at-home regimens. Through the Beauty Cloud, Julie shares her knowledge with people across the globe, helping them achieve and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, so they can take on the world with their best face forward.

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Meet Julie




our founder

Shelly Malizola is the founder and CEO of The Beauty Cloud™.

Born from Shelly’s desire to transform the beauty industry, The Beauty Cloud™ provides accessible esthetics to women across the globe looking for better skin, quality education, and trusted superior products. At the age of 25, she opened her first salon. Along with the support from a dedicated staff and fantastic clients, she has grown that business into a thriving award-winning salon and boutique. Along her journey as a salon and boutique owner, Shelly also learned just how much science has transformed skincare, and thus, how much skin can transform without surgery. With the proper guidance, education, treatments, and a skincare regimen, the changes in our skin can be dramatic. The Beauty Cloud™ makes this transformation easy and possible for women (and men) regardless of their accessibility to an esthetician.